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Being Conscious of the unconscious: A guide to spiritual self realization

“Ser Consciente de lo inconsciente”, la guía hacía la autorrealización espiritual, ahora en idioma inglés. 

Mucho se ha dicho sobre el Despertar Espiritual, pero este libro recoge y sintetiza las enseñanzas de Oriente y Occidente sobre este tema y las presenta de una forma práctica y sencilla de tal manera que las podamos aplicar naturalmente en nuestra vida cotidiana.

This book is a guide towards spiritual illumination in the Here and Now. In it you will learn how to free yourself from the ego net which fills your life with bitterness. After reading it you will no longer be the same person. Here you will find a series of practical tools, meditations and exercises which will help you to leave worries, depression and anxiety behind , in order to be happy Now. Start to enjoy life fully and find benediction which hides behind every situation. 

Why is it important to be conscious of the unconscious? Human beings are victims of programming and conditioning which is harbored deep in our mind. Even though we may want something, often the unconscious betrays us, sabotaging our own plans. Learn to empty your mind of trash and live life in a more natural and complete manner, free from the limitations of the human ego.

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